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"Ribeiro Rosa e Castro Advogados" is a Law Firm that works mainly in the business area, providing legal, advisory and litigation counseling in all areas of Law through highly qualified attorneys. Among its most outstanding characteristics, we can highlight the young and cutting edge spirit combined with the academic skills and abilities of its professionals, who cultivate an essential objective: the search for excellence in client service.

With a broad strategic market vision, operating in several national and international areas of Public and Private Law, "Ribeiro Rosa e Castro Advogados" is fully prepared to attend with competence, commitment, pro-activity, as well as absolute professionalism and ethics, which means professional maturity that can be translated into enormous security for our clients.

Keeping a window open to the world and with its penchant for expanding partnerships and units, our Law Firm establishes versatile but uniform administrative procedures. "Ribeiro Rosa e Castro Advogados" knows that responding clients' demands and specificities with competence, efficiency and agility should not be a differential but rather part of the essence of contemporary law firms.

In addition to its head office in São Paulo, "Ribeiro Rosa e Castro Advogados" has a large network of lawyers that covers the entire national territory, as well as other countries, and serves all clients with the same quality, reliability and respect to our core values.

Since 2013, the lawyers of this Law Firm have been linked by financial management and court litigation programs, as well as internal networks of virtual archives. Our professionals are prepared to keep the physical and digital library always updated, with data entry, management and strict control and security of the data and documents received from clients and the documents of the Office.

With careful consideration for the market trends, this Law Firm carries out full-service advocacy, offering customized solutions and intense capillarity, providing clients with fast, effective and accurate service, anywhere in Brazil and worldwide. In this way, we prioritize investment in information technology and also the instant exchange of data and knowledge among our clients, our lawyers and our partner offices in Brazil and abroad.

Therefore, experience, innovation, technology and technical qualification are attributes that make "Ribeiro Rosa and Castro Advogados" a strategic partner for clients in advisory, legal and contentious demands.


Eduardo Ribeiro Rosa

Maria Regina de Castro

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São Paulo

Avenida Paulista, nº 854, 10º Andar, sala 1001g.

Bela Vista – São Paulo – SP

CEP: 01310-100

+55 11 4115 9550

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